Sites of Interest

Urartu: The Kingdom of Van, Opposition for the Assyrians by Clive Naseby or mirror
Other Ancient & Dark Ages illustrations or mirror
Illustrations from the 6th-7th century Ashburnham/Tours Pentateuch or mirror

Tokharians and Uighurs of the Central Asian City States in Frescos from the Tarim Basin or mirror
Sogdian murals from Panjakent (Panji-kant), 6th-8th Centuries or mirror
A Sogdian Mortuary Couch, A.D. 550-577. China, Henan province, probably Ce xian or mirror

10th to 19th century Spain & North Africa . mirrors: A B C D E F G
10th to 19th century Egypt and its territories or mirror
Fatimid Soldiers & Hunters, 10th - 12th Centuries or mirror, Fatimid Musicians, Dancers & Revelers, 10th - 12th Centuries or mirror
Lombards in 10th-11th century manuscripts or mirror
Bayeux tapestry
Skylitzes Chronicle, Made in Byzantine Italy in the 11th or 12th Century or mirror

Saint-Sever Apocalypse by Beatus of Liébana, SW France c.1072AD or mirror
Charlemagne, Roland and the Knights on their way to Compostela, Spain, in the Codex Calixtinus (Liber Sancti Jacobi), 1135-1139AD or mirror
Frescos from the Church of San Baudelio de Berlanga, Soria, Spain, 12th century or mirror
Rylands Beatus, Spain c.1175AD or mirror
  or download the above 4 sites as a 5.5MB zip
Frankish, Saracen & Byzantine costume in the 'Melisende Psalter', 1131-43 AD or mirror
Chessmen from Uig, Lewis, western isles of Scotland, c.1150-1175 or mirror
David and Goliath in Biblia Segunde de San Isidoro de Leon, 1162AD or mirror
Frankish soldiers in The Winchester Bible c.1160–80 or mirror
Soldiers on the Carved Column Capitals in the Cloister of Monreale Cathedral near Palermo in Sicily, 1174 to 1182 AD or mirror
Franks in the Hortus Deliciarum, by Herrad of Landsberg, France, 1185 or mirror
Sicilians & Germans in the Liber ad honorem Augusti by Pietro da Eboli, c.1197 or mirror
Persian Armies from the 3rd to the 19th century or mirror
Illustrations of Franks and Saracens of the 12th century in the painted windows in the monastery church of St Denis in Paris or mirror
  or download this site as a 3.8MB zip
Islamic costume, 11th to 17th centuries, in manuscripts of the 'Book of Fixed Stars' (Kitab suwar al-kawakib al-tabita) by 'Abd al-Rahman ibn 'Umar al-Sufi. or mirror
12th century Arabic & Frankish costume in the Painted Wooden Ceiling of the Palatine Chapel or mirror
  or download this site as a 16.6MB zip
Seljuk Turks of the 12th-13th century or mirror
. . . . Varka wa Gulshah or mirror
Eneit, or Aeneasroman, by Heinrich von Veldeke, Germany c.1215 or mirror
Syriac Gospel of c.1220 or mirror
Las Huelgas Apocalypse by Beatus of Liébana, Spain, 1220AD or mirror
Andalusian Costume in The Story of Bayad wa Riyad, 13th century or mirror
  or download the above 2 sites as a 7.5MB zip
Soldiers and Hunters in The Rochester Bestiary, SE England c.1230AD or mirror
Histoire d'Outremer by William of Tyre, Northern France, between 1232 and 1261 or mirror
Chronica Majora by Matthew Paris, c.1240–53 or mirror
Syriac Gospels of the mid 13th century or mirror
European, Islamic & Byzantine Arms and Armour in Histoire ancienne jusqu'à César, 1260-70AD or mirror
The T'oros Roslin (or Sebastia) Gospels of Armenia, 1262 or mirror
European & Islamic Arms and Armour in Histoire d'Outremer by William of Tyre, Acre, 1280AD or mirror
Histoire d'Outremer by William of Tyre - French translation with continuation until 1275, made c.1287 or mirror
The 'Roger Histories', or Ancient history until Caesar. Acre, c.1287 or mirror
Spanish, Granadine & Moroccan Soldiers of the 13th Century in Las Cantigas de Santa Maria, c.1284 or mirror
13th century Spanish & Moorish Soldiers in the frescos of The Conquest of Mallorca or mirror
  or download this site as a 5.4MB zip
Pictures of Georgians from the 12th to 17th Centuries or mirror
. . . . Ilkhanid Mongols in the 1305-14 Jami' al-Tawarikh by Rashid al-Din. or mirror
. . . . Ilkhanid Mongols in the c.1330 Kitab-i Samak 'Ayyar (part 3) by Ibn Abi al-Qasim Sharazi, Sadaqah. or mirror
. . . . Ilkhanid Mongols in a Shahnama of 1341 or mirror
. . . . Jalayrid Mongols or mirror
14th century Scandinavians from the collection of Icelandic sagas, the Flateyjarbok or mirror
Illustrations of Irish soldiers or mirror

Early 14th century Mameluke costume in Kalila and Dimna or mirror
14th century Mamluks on the Baptistère de Saint Louis or mirror
Nihayat al-sul Mameluke manuals of horsemanship and military practice, 14th century or mirror
  or download the above 3 sites as a 12.3MB zip
13th-14th century Arabic costume in multiple copies of the Maqamat of al-Hariri. or mirror
Timurid Soldiers or mirror
14th & 15th Century Hungarians or mirror
Late 14th to 15th century Mameluke costume in Kalila and Dimna or mirror
Helmet with the name of Sultan Barsbay, 1422-38 or mirror
Mail-shirt of Sultan Qaitbay. Egypt, 15th century or mirror
Kitâb al-funûn, a Mamluk manual of military practice and horsemanship, 1470 or mirror
The pilgrimage of the Knight Arnold von Harff, 1496 to 1499 or mirror
  or download the above 2 sites plus others as a 3.3MB zip
Italian Soldiers of the 9th to the early 16th Centuries or mirror
15th Century Illustrations of Burgundian Costume from Le Roman d'Alexandre or mirror
The 1480 siege of the city of Rhodes in Obsidionis Rhodiae Urbis Descriptio by William Caoursin or mirror
Renaissance Warfare by George Gush or mirror or download a zip containing all 23 parts (6.7MB)
Russian Illustrations of Costume & Soldiers or mirror
Turkmen Nomads or mirror
Pictures of Aztecs, Incas and Conquistadores or mirror
The Pastrana Tapestries portraying the Portuguese capture of Asilah and Tangier or mirror
Swiss soldiers of the Renaissance by Urs Graf or mirror
Emperor Maximilian I's The Adventures of the Knight Theuerdank, 1517 or mirror
The Triumph of Maximilian or mirror
Examples Of Imperial Military Dress c.1578 by Simon Chick or mirror
Kitab al-makhzun li arbab al-funun by al-tarâbulusî - A manual of military practice and horsemanship, Egypt or Syria, 1578-1579 or mirror
Ottoman Illustrations of Costume & Soldiers or mirror
Vijayanagar Illustrations of Costume & Soldiers or mirror
Mughal Illustrations of Costume & Soldiers or mirror
Clothing of the Ancient Celts: A Guide to Celtic Costume by M. E. Riley or mirror
English & Irish soldiers in Derricke's The Image of Irelande (1581) or mirror
Prints of Hungarians after Luyken, 1702 or mirror

Quebec 1775 by Brendan Morrissey or mirror
Battle of Saratoga Information or mirror

Information on the Mysore Wars or mirror
Charles Gold's Oriental Drawings, 1806 or mirror
Selected Illustrations of India from 'Oriental Memoirs' by James Forbes (1749-1819), Published 1813 or mirror
Handcoloured engravings by Frederic Shoberl from his work 'The World in Miniature: Hindoostan' or mirror

Illustrations and articles about the Invasion of Egypt by Napoleon Bonaparte or mirror
Historical Maps of Germany
Spanish Maps of Peninsular War Battles
18th-19th century Württemberg Military Uniforms by Leo Ignaz von Stadlinger: Geschichte des württembergischen Kriegswesens or mirror

Downloads for 'Waterloo: Napoleon's Last Battle' & Austerlitz: Napoleon's Greatest Victory computer games or mirror
. . . . including 'Over The Hills And Far Away' video
Prelude To Austerlitz by Jeff Vitou, or mirror
Battle Of Austerlitz by Jeff Vitou, or mirror
Austerlitz 1805  Battle Of The Three Emperors by David Chandler or mirror
The Prusso-Saxon Army at Jena 14th October 1806 by Peter Hofschröer or mirror
Infantry Skirmishing in the Napoleonic Wars by Peter Hofschröer or mirror
Napoleonic Skirmishing In Practice by Peter Hofschröer or mirror
The White Uniforms of the French Army, 1806-1807 Described by Guy C. Dempsey Jr., illustrated by R. J. Marrion or mirror
Spanish Napoleonic Uniforms or mirror
Spanish Napoleonic Uniforms of Joseph Bonaparte's Troops or mirror
Uniforms Of Spanish Units At Talavera or mirror
Uniforms of the Archduke Charles' Legion by Ken Bunger or mirror
The Great Cavalry Battle Of Liebertwolkwitz (14th October, 1813) by Peter Hofschröer or mirror
Leipzig 1813 - The Battle Of The Nations by Peter Hofschröer
Russo-German Legion Uniforms or mirror
Full corrected OCR text of "1815, Waterloo" by Henry Houssaye, 1905 or mirror
Netherlands Infantry Uniforms 1813 to 1831 or mirror
(in Dutch) or mirror
Full corrected OCR text of The battle of Wavre and Grouchy's retreat; a study of an obscure part of the Waterloo campaign or mirror
. Map of Wavre by Johnston (0.8MB) or mirror
. Map of Wavre by Siborne (1.9MB) or mirror

The 1859 Italian War-Operations Of War by Luigi Casali or mirror

Pictures of buildings on the battlefields of:
Waterloo or mirror
Williamsburg or mirror
Cold Harbor/Gaines' Mill or mirror
Bull Run / Manassas or mirror
Fredericksburg or mirror
Sharpsburg / Antietam or mirror
Downloads for Sid Meier's Gettysburg or mirror
Download Official Reports for the Seven Days Battles of the Peninsular Campaign (1MB) including a linked Excel file with OB & casualties
19th Century Colonial Costume by Racinet or mirror

The French Navy In July 1939 or mirror
The Drama of Diego Suarez (in French) or mirror
The Dutch East Indies Campaign of World War II or mirror
Marmon-Herrington Military Vehicles or mirror
Steel Chariots - A Resource Site for the Canadian Armour Enthusiast
Planes And Pilots Of World War 2 or mirror
. VI Bomber Command In Defense Of The Panama Canal 1941 - 45 or mirror
. USAAF Combat Chronology 1941 - 1945 or mirror
Planes And Pilots Of The Korean War or mirror